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October 27, 2015

Cask Days 2015

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The adventure begins...

The adventure begins…

Cask Days has become an annual event for Paul and I. I do love a good beer, and there is always something interesting at this event.  This year was no exception!

As usual, my focus was more on the cider. I was disappointed that Shiny Apple weren’t back at Cask Days; they were a favourite of mine last year.  But West Avenue were there with a delicious Wild Pear cider, and another of last year’s favourites – the Bourbon Barrel Aged cider. Sadly, though, I think someone forgot to take the bourbon out of the barrel for this cask.  The flavour was very much “BOURBON!  AND WOOD!!! Oh, andatinylittlebitofciderinthefinish…”.  Deeply disappointing.  The Spirit Tree “Tokyo Snakebite” was far more successful – cider with ginger and wasabi. Very nice, with a bit of heat growing on the finish from the ginger and the wasabi. It would be terrific with sushi.

There were some very interesting beers; a lot more flavoured beers, and it seemed as though everyone had a vanilla stout, or an espresso porter.  Some very interesting takes on Gose – not all of them worth the cost of the sample. (FYI – gose is a German brew, made using brine. It’s different, tasty, and worth investigating. Makes a great pair with Thai food…)


You *wish* you had to deal with Hard Drive Problems like this…

A favourite of mine… and Paul’s… and Andy’s… and Steve’s…. was the lovely pink concoction you see above!  Hard Drive Problems comes to us from Monkish brewery, in California.  It’s a bright, tangy Strawberry Ale, with a bit of sourness – in a really good way.  I loved the name; loved the beer. This would make a great palate refresher during a big meal, or a great summer patio beer.  You could make a tasty punch with this; the cocktail potential is endless, too.

Only one beer made me want to go back for seconds.  Indie Ale House Maple Cinnamon Wit. The beer you want for breakfast!  Oh, it was tasty. I want to make waffles with this. Or a gingerbread cake. Or just drink a lot of it.  It was light and easy, the way a wit should be; the maple and cinnamon flavour was there, but subtle and well balanced. Delicious!!  Off go I to Indie, for a growler or four…

Altogether, a fun day. I tried a lot of things that weren’t for me, and a few things that I will now go buy. For an event like Cask Days, that’s a great success!  Can’t wait for the next one….


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